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Vandana Shiva: To Feed Ourselves, First Feed Other Species

By on November 24, 2010

Dr. Vandana Shiva, a physicist and powerful leader in the worldwide, growing movement towards organic food, describes her vision for the diverse, healthy ecosystems that once sustained, can provide ample food for humanity. Part of her experience is the nearly 5,000 years of agriculture in India – one of the longest, and perhaps an example for other places seeking a sustainable future.
In a stunning critique, she describes her research demonstrating that organic, diverse food-ecosystems provide far more food, better quality food, better ecosystems/habitat, and more profitability for organic farmers.

Using first-hand investigations, she shows how the debt-cycle of chemical monoculture farming is impoverishing farmers while devastating the ecosystems that sustain our food supply.

Dr. Shiva describes how the farm debt burden of chemical monocultures underlies the terrible suicide problems faced by Indian farmers – and how organic farmers are profitable.

Her vision is an important counterpoint to the discredited notion that chemical monocrop agriculture was preferential.

Author Krista Keenan interviewed Dr. Shiva at the Delhi offices of Navdanya (navdanya.org), Dr. Shiva’s NGO.